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LASI 170 Introduction to Library Research

About the Instructor

"Thanks for being a great instructor! This course definitely strengthened my skills in research and for that I can't thank you enough! The final project ended up assisting me in my final project for another course, so everything went smoothly! I hope that you continue to assist students and hopefully you have a wonderful summer. :)"  - Spring 23

"One of the only professors I’ve had that genuinely interacts with the students several times throughout the week." - Spring 23

"Very engaging and great communication from the instructor. Definitely a seasoned educator" - Fall 22

"The instructor did an amazing job responding to any questions and giving back help whenever it was needed." - Fall 22

About the Class

"Everything worked really well together. I liked how the discussions were about the learning objectives and were relevant.  - Spring 23

"Very informative. Professor Paul pushed me to work smarter/harder for my research." - Spring 23

"I benefitted from this course and I am glad I decided to take it. " - Spring 23

"The course was mapped out perfectly for me, so I don't have any suggestions on my end, keep it up!" - Spring 23

"It did not over-tax me, and it introduced me to knew avenues of research I had not used before." - Spring 23

"Feedback from my instructor was very well and I appreciated it very much. It was very helpful overall." - Spring 23

"I think the course design was set up very well." - Spring 23

"Everything is fine and easy to follow." - Spring 23

"Course design was pretty easy to follow. I only struggled with the actual searching in the databases." - Fall 22

"I really enjoyed the online aspect of this class, I think this is the best way to teach the class." - Fall 22

"I learned a lot about searching other databases besides the ones that I usually use (Gale Academic OneFile and NexisUni).  Thanks!" - Fall 22

"I did not really interact with many other classmates." - Fall 22

"The objectives of the class were clear. I need more work with citations but that's not the fault of the class. " - Fall 22

"The only issue I really had was that sometimes I didn't know something was due because it wouldn't show under the calendar tab but I would get an email like an hour before something was due." - Fall 22 (Instructor's note: Weekly announcements identify assignments due that week. Also, due dates are in the syllabus, with the instructions for each discussion board forum, in the Calendar tool, and in the gradebook. I do not send any email reminders, so this must be something Blackboard does automatically.) 

Students Recommend This Class For...

"The course was simple and to the point! It really did improve my knowledge of doing proper research." - Spring 23

"This course was simple and useful." - Spring 23

"A very easy and manageable course." - Fall 22

"I think this course was very well presented. " - Fall 22

"The course was great and easy to follow!" - Fall 22


"A single improvement would be the videos of the course. Some if not all of them did not work at all. However the powerpoints explained the same thing so it was not an entirely big issue!" - Spring 23

"No suggestions, the course was organized perfectly!" - Spring 23

Blackboard and Syllabus: "I would suggest checking the due dates for both and making sure they match." - Spring 23

"Some of the wording was a bit difficult to understand in the discussion board prompts. " - Fall 22

"Maybe making little videos sharing your screen showing the databases rather than the screenshot pictures. " - Fall 22

"Bold due dates in announcements and make directions much clearer. " - Fall 22

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