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LASI 170 Introduction to Library Research

About LASI 170 Introduction to Library Research


LASI 170 Introduction to Library Research is a practical, applied class with lifelong rewards. Research skills are used as a student, as a professional, and as a consumer.

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to

  1. Select relevant and appropriate information sources for a topic.
  2. Construct an effective search strategy in order to find information on a topic.
  3. Synthesize and analyze information from different sources in order to create an outline for a research project.
  4. Identify the parts of a citation and write a list of references in a recognized citation style. 

Course Description

This 1-credit 8-week course focuses on each step in the research process, with an emphasis on identifying appropriate sources and critically analyzing information in order to apply it to a research topic. Assignments take students through the steps of preparing a research paper or project including refining a topic, selecting a variety of appropriate sources, and organizing information.

The concepts taught in LASI 170 are meant to be transferable and used across disciplines. In order to more thoroughly practice the concepts taught in class, students are encouraged to use topics from research papers in his or her other classes for assignments in LASI 170. Register for classes through the myWSU portal.

This library guide includes information found on the syllabus and some course materials easily transferable to a web page. Course content is actually in Blackboard.

antique clockStudents in this class typically spend 2 hours per week reading the material, viewing videos and other types of instruction materials. Also, logs, quizzes, discussion board posts and other assignments may take an additional four hours per week. This will be more or less, depending on your personal experience doing research and reading ability. Please contact the instructor for help at any time. 

This class is offered as an online-only course. Classes are offered in each 8-week session each fall and spring for a total of four online sections each school year.

Students in 1 credit hour, 8-week classes should expect to spend a minimum of two hours each week for the duration of the class on instruction and course related activities as well as at least four hours of course work per week. Please ask for help if you are spending more than 3 hours per week on course materials and homework.

photo of Angela Paul

As the Instruction and Outreach Librarian at University Libraries, one of my primary responsibilities is teaching LASI 170. I also work with most student groups not affiliated with a college, i.e. TRIO programs and International Education Office as well as area K-12 groups as crucial outreach duties. (It is mostly juniors and seniors in high school who come to do research, but 4-H clubs and elementary classes that come here for library tours are extra fun!)

You will also find me working several hours weekly at the Reference Desk so I hope I am easy for you to reach if you have questions about this class or other research projects. As a K-12 school librarian, I taught various study skills, including reading textbooks, writing class notes and taking tests. Please take advantage of my teaching experience or just stop by the Reference Desk to say hello.

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