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LASI 170 Introduction to Library Research

About the Class

"Excellent course, I learned a lot from it" (Fall 2018 first 8-week session)

"I was extremely pleased with the organization of this course. It was easy to navigate, and instructors provided very timely feedback." (Fall 2018 first 8-week session)

"This class was very informative, and definitely something I wish I would have taken when I started out." (Fall 2018 first 8-week session)

"Overall this course is really helpful." (Fall 2018 second 8-week session)

"Definitely was able to learn more that catered towards my individual area of study through the online design. Enjoyed "going" to class." (Spring 2019 first 8-week session)

Students recommend this class for...

"I was not aware of how many resources are at our disposal and I am very thankful I took this course prior to my last semester as a senior. I will now be more prepared for my upper level courses." (Fall 2018 first 8-week session)

"I'm a senior and will graduate in May so despite the essential information contained within this course I wish it would've been required early on when I would've been able to use what I've learned." (Spring 2019 second 8-week session)

"Tell all the academic advisers about this course and have them "push" enrollment for those who need one more credit so that more students may enroll and maybe they will be exposed to this information earlier and have more benefit." (Spring 2019 first 8-week session)

"I enjoyed "going to class" each week. The assignments were open long enough that I could plan a time to do it each week and could reschedule if needed without penalty. I learned a lot about library research through this course and wish I had taken it earlier in my academic career." (Spring 2019 first 8-week session)

What Students Learned

"I really enjoyed this course and feel a lot more confident on how to use databases when researching and feel more confident on how to ask a good research question!" (Fall 2018 first 8-week session)

"I really enjoyed this class because this has been something I’ve struggled with my entire academic career." (Fall 2018 second 8-week session)

"Very useful and informative for every college career." (Spring 2019 second 8-week session)

About the Instructor

"The teacher was great!" (Fall 2018 second 8-week session)

"I am thankful for the time and effort that was evident in the feedback from the instructors." (Spring 2019 first 8-week session)

"Instructor was great!  Very nice and understanding! Provided lots of feedback and was engaged in her students research knowledge." (Spring 2019 second 8-week session)

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