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LASI 170 Introduction to Library Research

About the Class

"This course really helped me be able to improve upon my research skills and techniques and tied in at times with my English course (which was also beneficial)." -- Fall 2020

"This course was set-up well, and made it possible for me to find research much easier." -- Fall 2020

"I would like to see some more inter-student interaction." -- Fall 2020

"This course helped me learn how to research information for a research paper." -- Fall 2020

"It is designed to teach you how to research. It does that well." -- Fall 2020

"Good and helpful announcements every week to help refresh what is happening in the course. Makes it easier to follow when you have other online courses going at the same time" -- Spring 2021

"I feel that this course would have been better to take in person." -- Spring 2021

"I thought the course was hard to follow sometimes, purely because the content was confusing at times. It was never any problem however, because the teacher was great at answering questions and really would work with you to make sure you were getting the best grade possible." -- Spring 2021

"I felt like the course was short." -- Spring 2021

"Really enjoyed the course and helped me improve my search." Spring 2021

"I really dreaded taking this course at the beginning, but as I engaged more with the course I learned a lot more search ways that I can utilize for future papers. I really enjoyed the comments of the instructor because even when I doubted myself, her comments assured me I was doing the assignment correctly." -- Spring 2021

Students Recommend This Class For...

"This course was a fantastic course. I wish that I had taken it earlier in my college career as it would have made a lot of other classes easier in writing papers."  -- Fall 2020

"I learned a lot about the intricacies of search engine results. The different commands and how they function help improve your "google-fu," which is actually helpful in many areas of modern life, not just academic research." -- Fall 2020

"I really enjoyed learning about the different search methods." -- Spring 2021

"I think it was a good class because I learned about resources I had no clue we had. But all in all, it was fun." -- Spring 2021

"I thought the course was informative and a good resource to take early in my college career." -- Spring 2021

"I really enjoyed this course and I think it is very useful for the rest of my college career." -- Spring 2021

About the Instructor

"The instructor's feedback was thorough and precise. I knew exactly what to work on to improve." -- Fall 2020

"The teacher was very much on top of telling me how to improve every step of the way." -- Fall 2020

"She is on top of her email, which seem to not be the norm with many professors." -- Fall 2020

"The instructor was very knowledgeable and was helpful in regard to questions or if I was not understanding the content." -- Spring 2021

"The professor always gave us feedback on how we could take something up a notch and make it more effective." -- Spring 2021

"The instructor's assignments were clear and easy to follow. The instructor also gave feedback on every assignment which was useful." -- Spring 2021

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