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LASI 170 Introduction to Library Research

About the Instructor

Teacher's comments in grade book were very helpful (Fall 2023 11805)

Throughout the entirety of the course the reasonably prompt responses Professor Angela on the discussions kept me engaged and learning! Definitely different feeling than previous classes where I have waited up to a week for one simple response from professors. (Fall 2023 11805)

the instructor responded fast and always gave feedback on our work which i appreciated. (Fall 2023 11805)

Professor was amazing at answering questions and giving feedback, always supportive and that allows us to learn. (Fall 2023 11805)

The instructor was super knowledgeable about the class content and all the feedback provided was incredibly helpful and I felt that it made me more successful. (Fall 2023 11805)

The teacher was helpful and communicated frequently through Blackboard with the class (Fall 2023 11805)

Professor is super nice and willing help (Fall 2023 11806)

About the Class

Everything was planned very well. The syllabus helped me out alot with the due dates for each assignment. Overall very satisfied with this class! (Fall 2023 11805)

The class could be a little harder in order for students to have to learn more. (Fall 2023 11805)

nothing i think everyone should take this class because it's very helpful while being in college and having to do projects and research assignments. (Fall 2023 11805)

I wouldn't change anything about this course. It is the perfect workload for an 8 week class in my opinion. (Fall 2023 11805)

I very much appreciated the way the course was ran and appreciated how respectful the professor was. (Fall 2023 11805)

it was a little confusing at first because i didnt know what to expect but then it turned out easy and simple (Fall 2023 11805)

Some of the course lessons were set up in a confusing way but they were also easy to understand once finding what needed to be completed. (Fall 2023 11806)

It was a great course! I felt like I was able to learn more about finding references for research (Fall 2023 11806) 

Really good organization overall. Had no issues finding and completing assignments. (Fall 2023 11806)

Simple and straightforward as it is an online course (Fall 2023 11806)



Maybe require/encourage people to interact more with other discussions so the discussion section has more of a "classroom" feel. (Fall 2023 11805)

Assignments weren't always easy to find or assignments weren't listed with others due the same day in the lessons files. (I think discussions also need to be listed in the lessons to make the student aware there is one needing to be done)  (Fall 2023 11805)

I think questions for discussion boards were confusion, and when asked to correct it the question would be different or not what was expected. In terms of modules, it was not clear how I was supposed to allow others to recreate my search and the questions were not specific enough. (Fall 2023 11806)

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