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Library Displays

Pick a TV Show, Then Pick A Similar Book

      Not sure what to read next? Pick a TV show you enjoy
      watching from the SAC/SGA DVD collection, and then
      read one of the similar books University Libraries has
      to offer! 

      The display was created by Kelsey Unruh and Madison
      Zimmerman. Dates: November 17, 2017 to February 5, 2018.

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Scary Good Graphic Novels

      This exhibit was made in correlation with University Libraries Halloween
      ComicFest. It features graphic novels for the Halloween season, and some of
      the free comics that are available at the comicfest.


      The display was created by Lizzy Walker and Meghann Kuhlmann.         
      Dates: October 19, 2017 to November 17, 2017. 

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Most Challenged Books of the 21st Century

      Challenging a book refers to an attempt to remove a book from being
      circulated in public. Though a lot of these attempts are unsuccessful,
      hundreds of books are banned every year in the US.

      The reasons for challenging or banning books include, but aren’t limited to,
      the following reasons: the material is discriminatory, sexually explicit,
      promotes violence, religious, does not align with current societal norms
      etc. However, not all reasons for banning books are legitimate or “correct”.
      Throughout history, it can be observed that some governments ban books
      because they were “anti-establishment” or criticized the government etc.
      Some books may also have topics that may be considered socially “taboo”
      but need to be addressed nevertheless.

Some famous examples of banned books are The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald , The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne etc. Ironically, books that are banned are often ones that gain popularity and get sought out more.

This display contains some very popular works of literature that are frequently challenged and may have been banned in certain places or for certain periods of time.

This display was created by Connie Basquez. Dates: September 19, 2017 to October 19, 2017.

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Constitution Day and Citizenship Day 2017

      The Constitution Day and Citizenship Day display was assembled to
      showcase the many resources the library has to offer regarding the writing,
      ratification, amending, understanding, and interpretation of the constitution and
      the resources that we offer to those wishing to become U.S. citizens.
      Constitution Day and Citizenship Day are celebrated on September
      17 annually. 

      The display includes government documents, books, collected essays, and
      DVDs. The library guide found at also includes streaming
      videos and additional content. Dates: September 7, 2017 to September 19,


WSU Libraries has access to many video resources. If you are a student or employee of WSU you may use our video streaming services through Films on Demand, Alexander Street Press, and Swank. You may also check out DVDs from the Ablah Reserve Stacks or SGA movie collection on the first floor.

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Solar Eclipse 2017

      The Solar Eclipse exhibit was put together to accompany the University
      Libraries Solar Eclipse Party. The solar eclipse will take place August 21,
      2017. Wichita will experience an almost total eclipse.

.     The exhibit features tips for safe viewing of the eclipse, information about
      photographing the eclipse, and the path of the eclipse through the U.S. as well
      as books and other materials from the library’s collection. 

      Dates: August 4, 2017, to ________.



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Kansas Inventors

      The Kansas Inventors display was put together to accompany the All
      Day Patent Seminar event on Saturday, May 20, 2017. Wichita State
      University's Ablah Library was designated as the formerly titled Patent and
      Trademark Depository Library (PTDL) in 1991 and is the only Patent and
      Trademark Resource Center (PTRC) in the state of Kansas. Librarians Nan
      Myers and Sara Butts help WSU students and employees and community
      members learn  about intellectual property (IP) through free workshops, free
      one-on-one  consultations and selecting resources for the library that would
      be available to  check out.

      The Kansas Inventors display explores the theme of patents, inventors, and licensing and marketing an invention. This display showcases books that provide a better understanding of how patents work, how to profit from an invention, and how to share the joy of invention with kids.

Dates: May 16, 2017, to June 30, 2017.



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Environmental Studies Across the Disciplines

      This display explores the theme of environmental studies across the wide
      range of subjects studied at WSU.  From the geometry of flowers to the
      politics of ecofeminism and from sustainable business practices to the ethics
      of environmental art, this display showcases the diversity of interests and
      perspectives within the scope of environmental studies.

      Dates: April 10, 2017, to May 16, 2017.

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Women in Horror Month

Women in Horror Month Official Website



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