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Citation Searching for Tenure & Promotion Files


Try These First!
     ** indicates that you must be a WSU faculty, student or staff to access


Search Method

Largest abstract and citation
database of peer-review
literature including scientific
journals, books, & conference
proceedings. Includes over
71 million records and 23,700
titles from 5,000 publishers.

Scopus defaults to the “Document search” screen. Click on Authors link at the top to go to the “Author search” screen. Enter Author’s last name and first name. Click on Search. (An alternative author search is to enter the author’s ORCID, if known, and click on Search).

Check whatever boxes refer to the author in question. Click on Show Documents. Results will display articles, proceedings, etc. by the author indexed in Scopus with their title, authors, year, source, and # of times cited. The latter links to the citing articles.

To see articles and other documents by the author not indexed in Scopus but found in references, click on Secondary Documents in the upper right. The # of times cited will be displayed for each secondary document.

“Broadly search for scholarly literature… across many disciplines and sources,” including articles, theses, books and more.

Sign up for Google Scholar Citations while you're here, and keep track of citations to your articles.

Click drop-down arrow in search box to access Advanced Scholar Search. Type author’s name into authored by search box. In results list, click on Cited by link to view references for publications in which document has been cited.

Click on the My Citations link at the top of the page. If you already have a gmail or other Google account, sign in. If not, click on the Create an account link near the bottom of the page and sign up. Click here for instructions on setting up your Google Scholar profile. It's quick and easy!

“Search the full text of books…If the book is out of copyright, or the publisher has given us permission, you'll be able to see a preview of the book, and in some cases the entire text.”

Type author’s name into search box, and click on Search Books. Majority of search results will be books written by that author, but look for titles that are followed by a page number—more likely to be ones in which name was mentioned in text or references. Click on title to view page, or piece of page, on which name was found (highlighted in yellow).

Search Journals
     ** indicates that you must be a WSU faculty, student or staff to access

  • Some of the databases below provide a special option for citation searching, making the process faster and easier. These databases will be identified with a blue ribbon: 
  • The remaining databases require a more time-consuming approach that entails some "digging" through the full text of articles. This process, however, can often be very fruitful. 


Search Method

ACM Digital Library ** 

(Assoc. for Computing Machinery)
 “A vast collection of citations and full text from ACM journal and newsletter articles and conference proceedings.”

Click on Advanced Search link on right-hand side of screen. In search box, underNames heading on right-hand side of screen, choose Authors from drop-down list, and type in author’s name. In results list, note bibliometric information: number of downloads in last 6 weeks, number of downloads in last 12 months, number of downloads overall, and Citation Count. If there is a number greater than zero listed after Citation Count, click on title of article, and then click on Cited by tab on lower portion of screen for a list of citing articles.

Aerospace Database**
Worldwide engineering and technology resource covering published and unpublished scientific and technical literature.

Use Advanced Search. Click on Command Line link above search boxes. In search box, type CAU(last name) to search for author's name as a cited author, or REF(last name) to search for author's name in the references. In results list, click on theReferences link below a record, and then use FIND to locate name in reference list.

Authoritative reviews in 41 focused disciplines. Includes numerous Annual Reviews in the physical sciences, including computer science and engineering.

Click on Advanced Search link in upper right-hand corner of page (under orangeSEARCH button). Enter author's name in first search box on left-hand side of page, and select Cited Author from drop-down list. From results list, bring an article to the screen, and use FIND to locate name in text/references. Some articles will not be available in full text. 

Applied Science & Technology Abstracts **

Indexes nearly 800 journals in engineering, technology, and science. 

Type author’s name in first search box, and select TX All Text Fields from drop-down list. In box at beginning of second row, change AND to NOT. Then, type sameauthor's name in second search box, and choose AU Author, Personal from drop-down list (will limit results to articles where name does not appear as an author). Limit results to Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals, if desired. From results list, bring an article to the screen (if available) and use FIND to locate name in text/references.

Open access to over 807,732 e-prints in physics, math, non-linear science, computer science, quantitative biology, quantitative finance and statistics.

Click on Advanced Search link in upper right-hand corner of page. Scroll down to gray Experimental full text search box. Enter author’s name; choose subject area from drop-down list if desired. In results list, name may appear as the author of a work. In other cases, name appears in an excerpt below the article title. For these, click on article title, and then click on PDF link on upper right-hand corner of screen underDownload. Use FIND to locate name in document/references.

“STM (Science, Technology and Medicine) publisher which has pioneered the open access publishing model. ” Indexes over 220 peer-reviewed journals.

NOTE: Must complete free registration to search site.

Click on Advanced search link under search box on top right-hand side of page. Choose References field from drop-down list, and enter author’s name in first search box. In results list, click on PDF or Full Text link within a record, and then use FINDto locate author’s name in text/references.

(currently in beta)
“Scientific literature digital library and search engine that focuses primarily on the literature in computer and information science.”

Click on Advanced Search link under main search box. Type author’s name intoAuthor Name search box. Under Range Criteria, click box next to Include Citations? to add 
records for which only the citation is available, but not the full text.Under Sorting Criteria, choose Citations to view results sorted by number of citations received. Number of citations (including self-citations) is displayed below each record in results list. Click on Cited by link to display citing articles (total number not always displayed).

ECO (Electronic Collections Online)**
A collection of scholarly e-journals. Includes Computer Science and Engineering.

Use Advanced search to search author’s name in Reference field. Click on a title from results list, and scroll down to see name highlighted in yellow in reference list.

Indexes journals on mainstream ergonomics and related areas such as psychology, physiology, biomechanics, job design, human-computer interaction, safety science, human engineering, medicine, occupational health, and transport.

Type author’s name in first search box, and select TX All Text fields from drop-down list. In box at beginning of second row, change AND to NOT. Then, type sameauthor's name in second search box, and choose AU Author, Personal from drop-down list (will limit results to articles where name does not appear as an author). Limit results to Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals, if desired. From results list, bring an article to the screen (if available) and use FIND to locate name in text/references.

IEEE Xplore **

(Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)
Access to all IEEE journals, transactions, conference proceedings, and standards.

Use Advanced Keyword/Phrases search. Click in radio button next to Full Text & Metadata. Type author’s name in first search box, and select Full Text & Metadatafrom drop-down list. Change operator to left of second search box to NOT. Type author’s name into second box, and select Authors as the search field. From results list, click on a title or bring full text of an article to the screen (if library subscribes), and use FIND to locate name in the text/references.

Comprehensive collection of academic and professional research articles in all subject areas.

Use Advanced search. Type author’s name in Search for box—choose either In article titlekeywords or abstract, or In article fulltext. In search results, click on a title to view abstract (when available). If author's name appears in abstract, it will also likely appear in references. Some articles free or open access; majority available through subscription or individual article purchase. To check for availability through WSU Library, search the journal title in the online catalog.


“Over 230 academic and research journals covering a broad range of subject areas,” including several in Computer Science and Engineering.

Click on Advanced Search link to right of search box. In Keywords section of page, enter author’s name in Text/Abstract/Title box. In results list, author’s name is shown in context—frequently in the References. Click on PDF or Full Text link to bring an article to the screen, and use FIND to locate name. WSU Library does not subscribe to all journals in this collection.


“Online access to the full text of individual SAGE journals” in Materials Science, Engineering, and other areas within the humanities, health and social sciences.

Click on small Advanced Search link under search box on upper right-hand side of page. Type author’s name in search box, and choose References from drop-down list of fields. Click on References link, when available, below a record to view article’s reference list, or bring full text to the screen. Use FIND to locate name.

Search Books
    ** indicates that you must be a WSU faculty, student or staff to access


 Search Method

Books in all subject areas.

Select Books search. Type author’s name into search box. For books that are part of Amazon’s Look Inside! program, a book Excerpt will be provided in results list. Click on page number after word Excerpt to view page(s) on which name occurs (must create a free account to use this feature). If name appears as author of a Look Inside!book, click on title, and scroll down page to occasionally see an orange heading labeled Citations, which may provide a list of other books in Amazon that have cited the book. Citing page numbers will be included with links.


ASM Handbooks Online**  
(American Society for Metals International)
Complete content of twenty-five ASM Handbook volumes plus two ASM Desk Editions.

Click on Advanced Search link on upper right-hand side of screen. Type in author’s name and select References under Select a field heading. Results screen shows an excerpt of the context in which author’s name appeared in the References of aHandbook entry. Click on author’s name to view page on which name was found.

eBook Collection **
Over 7,000 reference and other e-books in all subject areas purchased and shared with libraries in Kansas and 11 other states as well as a public collection of nearly 4,000 e-books that are in the public domain.

Use Advanced Search, and choose TX All Text Fields in drop-down box. Type in author’s name. In results list, click on a title to see Most Relevant Pages From This Book. An excerpt of the context in which the author’s name appeared will be displayed, along with links to view the full pages.


Collection of e-book reference works in all disciplines.

Use Advanced Search to search author’s name in Entire Document field. After clicking on the full text link of a document in results list, use FIND to locate name in text/references.


Digital versions of leading engineering reference handbooks, databases, and conference proceedings.

Type author’s name into search box at top of page. Searches full text of content to which your library subscribes. Results list identifies location of name in text (References, chapters, etc.). Most records in results list are collapsed; click onmagnifying glass on left to expand record. Click on Text link on far right of screen to display full text. Name will typically be highlighted, but, if not, use FIND to locate name on page. 

Search Journals & Books
     ** indicates that you must be a WSU faculty, student or staff to access


 Search Method

MathSciNet **
(Mathematical Reviews on the Web)

Journals, conference proceedings, books or chapters, advanced-level textbooks, and published dissertations in mathematics and related fields. Includes Computer Science and Engineering.

Click on Citations tab. Using Author Citations tab, type in author’s name. If there is more than one match for author's name, a drop-down list will appear, and you will be asked to make a selection. Retrieves author’s ten most-cited publications in the database, and shows number of times author has been cited. Click on item number at beginning of a record, and then click on From References link in small Citations box to access bibliographic information for the citing article(s).


“Journal articles and book chapters from more than 2,500 peer-reviewed journals and more than 11,000 books.”

Click on Advanced search link in gray bar in upper right-hand corner of screen. Type author’s name into Search box in center part of screen, and select References from drop-down list of fields. In results list, click on Show preview link, and then onReferences. Name is highlighted in References. References are only available for journals to which the WSU Library subscribes.

(US Patent & Trademark Office)
Patent full-text and image database.

Click on Quick Search link under PatFT: Patents heading on left-hand side of page. Type a patent number into Term 1 search box, and choose Referenced By field. This will find other patents that include the number in their full text.


Wiley Online Library**
“Access to over 4 million articles across nearly 1500 journals and 11,500 online books, and hundreds of reference works… covering life, health and physical sciences, social science, and the humanities.”

Use Advanced Search to search author’s name in References field. In results list, click on References link for a record to view reference list. Use FIND to locate name inReferences. References are only available for journals to which the WSU Library subscribes.

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