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Citation Resources

Citation management software can help you manage your references when writing your paper. Wichita State Students have access to EndNote, a citation management system provided by WSU. Zotero is a free citation management software. Check out the library guides listed below for more information about how to use each.

You might also find the WSU ITS Applications Training blog helpful. Checkout this entry about creating in-text citations in MS word.

These are sites that will help you "build" citations. They're pretty accurate, but be sure to cover your bases by comparing the citations against those in a style manual. Just choose your citation style (APA, MLA, etc.) and the type of source you need to create a citation for (a book, a journal article, etc.), and input all of the necessary information.

Ask a librarian if you need additional assistance. 

Citing Sources in the IEEE Citation Style

For in-text citations in IEEE, provide the number, in square brackets, that refers to the reference list/bibliography at the end of the paper. The detailed citations in the reference list/bibliography at the end of the paper are in numerical sequence corresponding to the order that they appear in the paper. Once a source has been cited, use the same number in all subsequent in-text references.

Page numbers are added, if your source has page numbers, to the reference in the reference list when quoting or when referring to a specific detail. Square brackets are placed after the quotation marks and before the punctuation.

If you are referring to several references, include each numbered reference, separated by commas, when not sequential [3,6,7] and ranges, separated by a dash, where applicable [12-14].



According to Ashby [1], the physical world is easier to understand intuitively than the electrical world.


Short quotations

For quotes (exact word for word copy) that are less than three lines, enclose the quotation in double quotation marks (" ").

Ashby believes that, “The typical person understands the physical world more intuitively than he understands the electrical one” [1].


Long quotations

For quotations that are three lines or longer, use an indented block quotation without the quotation marks. Start the quotation on a new line, indented five to seven spaces from the left margin.

Hunter notes that:

The Convention on Registration of Objects Launched into Outer Space (UNOOSA) is an international agreement brokered by the United Nations that came into force in 1976. It provides that the launching state should furnish to the United Nations, as soon as practicable, detailed information on certain launches into outer space [2].

Adapted from the British Columbia Institute of Technology's IEEE Style Guide by Lin Brander.

The numbered reference list should be placed at the end of the paper. The list is arranged in the order that the references appear in the text. Citations are single spaced with no line space between citations.

General guidelines:

Abbreviations are frequently used. See the IEEE Abreviations for Transactions, Journals, Letters, and Magazines document for a list of IEEE publications abbreviations and page 40 of IEEE Editorial Style Manual for common abbreviations of words in references.

Numbers appear in square brackets in a column flush left.

Authors are listed by initials followed by last name (eg. A. G. Harvey). List up to three authors (eg. T. Coolage, F. R. Hodan, and R. J. Wong). For more than three authors, use the first author's name followed by et al. (eg. L. D. Chan et al.)

Editors follow similar rules to authors, with the addition of Ed. for one editor and Eds. for more than one and et al., Eds. for more than three (eg. N. Waterman, Ed. OR P. North and X. Twilling, Eds. OR K. Singh et al., Eds.)

Titles of articles, chapters, conference papers, patents etc. are in quotation marks (eg. "Networked system state estimation in smart grid over cognitive radio infrastructures,"). Titles of books or journals are in italics (eg. International Journal on Electrical Engineering and Informatics,) Note the pattern for upper case letters in the two different types of titles.

DOI (digital object identifyer) is a unique set of characters used to identify things such as electronic documents. It acts in a similar wasy to an ISBN number for books. The International DOI Foundation manages services and registration. If there is a DOI identifyer provided for the item you are citing, add it at the end of the availability statement; for example: [Online]. Available: CRCnetBase, doi: 10.1201/b11897-5

Accessed statement should be added only when citing a resource that is subject to change, such as a web site. For example:  [Website]. Available:[Accessed: Sept. 15, 2014]. If the item is a stable document that is unlikely to be revised, such as a report or a pdf, even if you find it on a website, you do not need to add the access date.

Web addresses should contain no puncuation at the end of the url.

Adapted from the British Columbia Institute of Technology's IEEE Style Guide by Lin Brander.


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 Adapted from the British Columbia Institute of Technology's IEEE Style Guide by Lin Brander, and Murdock University's IEEE Style guide.

Reference List IEEE Citation Examples

One Author

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Two Authors

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Three Authors

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More than Three Authors

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Two Editors

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Book Chapter

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***All boxes adapted from the British Columbia Institute of Technology's IEEE Style Guide by Lin Brander.

EJournal Article


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Print Journal Article

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Streaming Video

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Streaming Video from Database

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Personal Correspondence

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Newspaper Article from the Internet

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Newspaper Article from a Full Text Database

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Statistics from a Database

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Standard Online

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Thesis (M.S.)

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