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IME 777 - Graduate Research Seminar


One Author

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Two Editors

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Book Chapter

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Journal articles

EJournal Article


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Print Journal Article

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Conference proceedings

Conference Paper in Print [17] R. Becker, "Summer thermal and energy performance of buildings with internal phase change materials," in Proceedings of the 5th International Building Physics Conf.," Kyoto, Japan, 2012, p. 63.




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Streaming Video

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Streaming Video from Database

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Unpublished sources

Personal Correspondence

[24] H. Ayasso, private communication, Oct., 2014.


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Government & organizations

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Newspaper articles

Newspaper Article in Print

[32] S. Ubelacker, "Implant imparts a second chance to see," The Globe and Mail, p. L5, Oct. 16, 2014.

Newspaper Article from the Internet

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Newspaper Article from a Full Text Database

[34] J. Nagel, "Use of B.C.'s electric car charging stations doubles in past year," The Leader, Oct. 8, 2014. [Online]. Available: Canadian Newsstand.
Newspaper article with no Author [35] "TD Bank unit settles over data breach," National Post, p. FP4, Oct. 16, 2014.


Statistics from a Website

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Statistics from a Database

[37] Geographic Research Inc., "Adjusted census data 2011: Vancouver, # total number of private households by household size." [Online]. Available: Simply Map.


Standard Online

[38] IEEE Standard Test Methods for Surge Protectors Used in Low-Voltage Data, Communications, and Signaling Circuits, IEEE Standard C62.36-2014. [Online]. Available: IEEE Xplore.
Standard in Print [39] Standard Terminology Relating to Uninsulated Metalic Electrical Conductors, ASTM Standard B354-12, 2013

Theses & dissertations

Dissertation (Ph.D.)

[40] F. C. Huang, "A computational light field display for correcting visual aberrations," Ph.D. dissertation, Dept. Computer Science, U. California, Berkely, CA, 2013. [Online]. Available:



Thesis (M.S.)

[41] R. Lin, "Sound living in Vancouver's laneway housing," M.S. thesis, School of Construction and the Environment, BCIT, Burnaby, BC, 2014. [Online]. Available:


All boxes adapted from the British Columbia Institute of Technology's IEEE Style Guide by Lin Brander.

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