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ANTH 102 Cultural Anthropology

Searching Tips

1. Identify the name of the ethnic group or geographic area. Consider ethnonyms (alternative names) and/or variant spellings. Use the subject heading name, if known. Some places to find ethnonymns: Encyclopedia of World Cultures, Wikipedia

                     navajo, navaho, dine, dene
                     tuareg, tamacheq, targui.  
                     na, naxi, mosuo, moso
                     papua new guinea

2. Add one or more  terms or phrases to your search statement:

                    settlement patterns
                    ancestor worship
                    mortuary practices
                    funeral rites
                    initiation rites

3. Consider truncating terms with an asterisk (*) to find variations in spelling:

                    religio*      for religion, religious
                    japan*       for japan, japanese
                    ritual*        for ritual, rituals, ritualistic

4. Consider alternative terms for a similar meaning:

                       rites or customs or practices or rituals
                    navajo or dine or dene
                    na or naxi or mosuo or moso

Put terms and truncation together to create a search statement. Some examples of keyword search statements:

  • (navajo or dine) and settlement patterns
  • tuareg and nomadism
  • nuer and kinship
  • initiation rite* and papua new guinea
  • (na or mosuo) and kinship
  • japan* and mortuary rituals
  • japan* and (mortuary rituals or funeral rites)
  • japan* and (mortuary or funeral or burial) and (rites or rituals or customs)
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