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ANTH 101 Introduction to Biological Anthropology

Instructional Video for Journal Article Review Exercise

Here is a link to the library instructional video on how to do the Journal Article Review Exercise:

Journal Article Review Exercise

Students will select and read a scientific article and turn in a 2-page, double-spaced report. The review must be preceded by a cover page and followed by a related citation page. Reviews will be graded based on quality, structure, content, and adherence to the prescribed format. When writing any assignment, refrain from plagiarism, write in your own text, and use proper citations. Quotes commonly often unnecessary and should not be widely used.

For this exercise, you need to find one scholarly article on a topic of your choosing in one of the following areas. 

Human Evolution
Human Biology/Genetics/Variation/Adaptation
Skeletal Biology

How to Find an Article to Review

There are several options for finding scholarly journals to browse for articles of interest.

First, look over the titles of scholarly journals listed below. Select a journal title of interest to you. 

Use the Online Catalog to search for the selected journal title. For example, you may be interested in browsing the issues of the American Journal of Physical Anthropologythe premier journal for the field of Biological Anthropology. While it includes articles in all four areas, the journal focuses on skeletal biology.     

  • Go to the Online Catalog and enter the complete title of the journal, e.g. American Journal of Physical Anthropology
  • Select "Journal Title" in the drop-down box and hit "Search". Click on the electronic version of the journal.
  • In the journal record, click on the link, "Click here for available full text of this journal". 
  • You are now in the E-Journal Portal. Under the title of the journal, click on the publisher link. For the American Journal of Physical Anthropology, the best link is the following: 1996-present Wiley Online Library Full Collection.
  • You are now on the publisher's web page for this journal. To browse a current or recent issue, click on  the Month/Year link. For lists of previous vols and issues, click on the browse button and then select "All Issues". Click on a year and then a volume/issue link to find a list of articles in that issue.
  • When you find an article of interest, click on the PDF link to the article. 

To use the Ejournal Portal to find scholarly journals to browse for articles, click here and then enter the title of the journal.

To use a Database to find articles from scholarly journals, click on the tab on the left, "10-Topic Library Exercise (Searching Databases)" or the A-Z Database List on the library's homepage.

American Anthropologist
American Antiquity
American Journal of Anatomy
American Journal of Human Biology
American Journal of Human Genetics
American Journal of Pathology
American Journal of Physical Anthropology
American Journal of Primatology
Anatomical Record
Current Anthropology
Folia Primatologica
HOMO: Journal of Comparative Human Biology
Human Biology
Human Genetics
Human Heredity
International Journal of Osteoarchaeology
International Journal of Primatology
Journal of Anthropological Research
Journal of Archaeological Science
Journal of Dental Research
Journal of Forensic Sciences
Journal of the History of Biology
Journal of Human Evolution
Journal of Medical Genetics
Journal of Pathology
Journal of Periodontal Research
Journal of the American Dental Association
Plains Anthropologist

As part of your assignment, you need to find three citations to scholarly articles that relate to the topic of the article you are reviewing. One way to find the three additional citations is to use the bibliography or cited references at the end of the review article. These references include the journals, books, and other documents consulted by the author in conducting his or her research and preparing the article. 

Some important things to remember:

  • The three additional citations must be from scholarly journals. Do not use citations from books, book chapters, or popular magazines such as National Geographic and Nature. A journal citation in a bibliography should give the journal name as well as volume and page numbers, e.g. 61:40-66.
  • Journal titles are often abbreviated in bibliographies. For example, the abbreviation -- Int J Primatol  -- refers to the International Journal of Primatology. To find the complete title of the journal, google the abbreviation or ask for assistance from the instructor or librarian.
  • Below is 1) an example of a scholarly article citation found in a bibliography in an article published in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology, and 2) the same citation (in blue) converted to the format required for your article review.

    1.  Berillon G, Daver, G, D'Aout K, Nicolas G, de la Villetanent B, Multon F, Digrandi G.,
         Dubreui G. 2010. Bipedal versus quadrupedal hind limb and foot kinematics in a
         captive sample of Papio anubis: setup and preliminary results. Int J Primatol

              2.   Berillon G, G. Daver, K. D'Aout, G. Nicolas, B. de la Villetanent, F. Multon, G. Digrandi,
                    G. Dubreui (2010) Bipedal versus quadrupedal hind limb and foot kinematics in a
                    captive sample of Papio anubis: setup and preliminary results. International Journal
                    of Primatology
 31:159-180. Source: Article Bibliography.

  • The three related citations are listed -- in the proper format --on a page that follows the article review-- like a bibliography. You are not required to read these articles

Important Note

Another way to find your three additional citations is to use one of the databases -- Anthropology Plus or Social Sciences Full Text -- to search for citations related to the topic of your review article. For instructions on how to use the databases to find a scholarly article, go to the tab on the left - "10-Topic Library Exercise (Searching Databases)".

Verifying A Journal Is Scholarly

All journals listed in this library guide and on the syllabus are scholarly. For other journals, use the  database to confirm that a journal is refereed (scholarly) by looking up a journal and checking for Refereed icon  Refereed 

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