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WSU 102 Honors Creative Discovery

This guide provides recommended resources in a variety of media and formats relating to coursework and projects in the Honors Creative Discovery First-Year Seminar

Welcome to Creative Discovery and Discovering Creativity!

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Inescapably, learning demands encounters with the unknown.  As does discovery, creativity, and innovation.  The library, universities, and your relation to the world, may be of the few places in our culture that value what you do not know as opposed to what you supposedly know (I can only speak for libraries - vast collections of things unknown for our discovering - after all, you're often tested on what you know, NOT on your ability to learn).  However, your ability to learn (I think) which so often entails unlearning in order to see new and other possibilities - is much more important for a full living.  And it has often been said: "the more you know, the more you know you don't  know."  Learning requires honesty (difficult to come by), humility, curiosity, patience and persistence.  We hope that these things are spurred in your experience as you work to learn in this course and begin this experience of university education.  This library research guide is constructed to instigate your search into things unknown: experiences un-had, perspectives unconsidered, thoughts never thought by you - the unfamiliar, strange, different - as you learn about creative discovery.  I am honored to explore the unknown with you so that we might discover together - please contact me with any questions, frustrations, or ideas you might wish to discuss or pursue.

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