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ANTH 397AB/597AR Anthropology of Food and Nutrition

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Searching Tips

When searching databases or the Online Catalog, consider the following when entering your keyword search terms:

1.  Pick your topic and keywords that describe your topic: 

                             evolution of human diet
                            food production and gender roles

                            african american foodways
                            food insecurity in prehistory

 2.  Are there multiple terms that could be used for your topic? 

                           food or eating
                           archaeology or prehistory or antiquities                         
                           anthropology or culture
                           farming or agriculture 

                           customs or traditions|

3. Are there ways to "truncate" a term to pick up alternative spellings or singular/plural?

                             anthropolog*   for anthropology or anthropological
                             prehistor*   for prehistory or prehistoric
                             cultur*   for culture or cultural or cultures
                             diet*       for diet or diets or dietary
                             ethnograph*      for ethnography, ethnographies, ethnographic
                             food*       for food, foods, foodways   

                            Note: The most common truncation symbol used in databases is an asterisk *. The Online Catalog
                            uses a  question mark ?.


3. Use combinations of terms and truncated words when searching the databases

                             rice and origin*
                             native american* and food*
                             food* and (anthropolog* or cultur*)
                             cereal* and (domestication or agricultur*) 
                             food and (security or insecurity)
                             foodways and (ancient or prehistor* or archaeolog* or antiquit*)     

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