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Physician Assistant

Medical Subject Headings (MeSH)



Confused about which terms to search?  Tired searching terms you thought described your research interest, only to get debatably useful results?  The Medical Subject Heading, or MeSH terms may be able to help.  MeSH terms are a controlled vocabulary used to describe medical topics across the PubMed database (put online by the National Institutes of Health) as well as the Nursing and Allied Health database (put online by the ProQuest company).

Provided through PubMed, the tutorials below are designed to help you understand the purpose and structure of the MeSH terms and to use MeSH to search for medical literature and information.

Extended discussion about using MeSH terms effectively

Provided through the Network of the National Library of Medicine, the following two videos offer extended looks at how you can most effectively use MeSH terms to search.


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