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POLS 600: Senior Thesis

This is a library guide for students who are writing the senior thesis in political science.

Resources for Research

Has research on your topic already been conducted? When investigating your topic, think about many different words that could describe what you're looking for. One source may use different words from another source to describe your topic. 

Example: if you want to research the impact of NGO spending and the impact on democracy in developing countries, there are number of different key words you might use to find information and a number of different places you might be able to find this kind of information.  If you successfully find articles about your topic it is important to examine the bibliography of those papers very carefully.  Did they use a dataset?  If so which one?  Has the dataset been updated since the paper was published?

The Data & Indexes page will provide you a list of various collections of data that you might use for research.


Search For Policy Reports from Think Tanks

U.S. Cabinet Level Agencies

Finding information about policies will come from a variety of sources. Various departments within government (State, Immigration, Defense, etc) will have lots of information available about any number of policies. The information you are looking for might be in a different agency from where you would expect.  In addition to the resources listed here, consider the sources listed on the Data & Indexes page of this guide, under the "Aggregate Data" tab.  

Did you know, that the order of succession in line to the Presidency is Vice-President-Speaker of the House-President Pro-Tempore of the Senate and then the members of the cabinet as their departments were created?  

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