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What Are QR Codes?
QR Codes  (short for "Quick Response") are small square barcodes that contain data that can be read by a QR Code reader or scanner. These readers are commonly found on smart phones or other mobile devices. Your phone's camera "reads" the barcode and displays the data contained within the code. QR Codes are often used to direct users to websites, but they can also contain a block of text or even a phone number.

Check out this video for more examples on how QR codes are being used:

How Do I Use QR Codes?
Reading QR Codes
To scan a QR Code, you’ll need an Internet-enabled smart phone or other mobile device with a camera and a QR reader (sometimes called a QR scanner). has a number of different software choices. You can also download the free QR Reader for iPhones in the iTunes store. AT&T has a QR scanner available for iPhones and Android and Blackberry. BeeTagg is also available for iPhones and Android and many other devices.

Creating QR Codes
Want to create your own? To create a QR code, you'll need to use a QR "generator." Some freely available options include, Kaywa, and QR Stuff. Check out this article for more details on creating a QR code and this site for instructions on editing QR codes to include images and text.